Williamsburg August 17th 2013

By September 2, 2013Stories

We return back to our original location in Williamsburg, we make some new friends from Israel and then introduce them to another group of new friends from Israel, a successful entrepreneur tells us that the key to life and success is to stay positive, a guy shows up and totally kills it freestyle rapping, we have a conversation with some university students from North Carolina about floating down a river in an inner tube, a woman translates Spanish for us for people passing by, a guy from France who is traveling the world tells us about his travels, a girl asks us why the guy she likes is hesitating to ask her out and we step away from the conversation to watch everyone else conversing without us (our original mission for this project)and finally we learn that 30 years ago words like “Community”, “Helping Others” and “selflessness” have decreased in prevalence in magazines and newspapers while terms like “unique”,”independent” and “career oriented” have greatly increased – looks like we have struck a nerve here.