Washington Square – August 31st 2013

By September 2, 2013 December 19th, 2013 Stories

 More people come over to our couch then we can handle – we pull out all 3 couches and we are still far short for seats.  We meet some guys with a big New York Red Bulls flag , we take a giant group photo, we meet some great people who want to get involved in the project with us, we help a girl get some career direction more towards her passion and less towards what her parents are telling her to do, we introduce some NYU students to each other who make new friends, Justyn Brodsky from the Saturday Night Live band tells us an amazing story, plays us a Backstreet Boys song and gets us involved in the fight against muscular dystrophy.  Nationally regarded book author and psychic Terry Iacuzzo (http://www.terryiacuzzo.com/) gives Mike and Tony psychic readings that completely blow their minds and leave them in deep thought for the rest of the night.