FreeConvo is a platform that spontaneously builds community, bringing together people from all backgrounds as they pass by public space.  We’ve met musicians, artists, scientists, professionals, entrepreneurs, vagabonds, travelers, entertainers, students and university professors to name a few.  We’ve heard countless stories of entrepreneurship, love, traveling, friendship, pursuing dreams and developing wisdom.

Our guests have tagged us as “Bringing back the art of conversation” and  “Changing the world one conversation at a time.”  We can’t claim that ourselves but we strive to reach these goals set forth by our guests everyday.  We are continuously surprised by how interesting and diverse the people that stop by are.

FreeConvo is driven by it’s volunteers who invite people to talk with them in their local communities.  We first started in New York City but since have been joined by volunteers in Los Angeles, San Francisco and London . FreeConvo is a community center for modern fast paced society.

We love what we do and hope to meet you soon! Follow us to find out where we’re set up every weekend!

Mike, Co-Founder
Most Interesting FreeConvo: I can’t pick just one – the professional comedian who ran the show when she sat down, the guy who proposed to his girlfriend right in front of me, the psychic who told us our future which all of it has been coming true, that guy from France who was in the middle of traveling the entire world or that guy who would only speak to us in riddles.
Life Outside of FreeConvo: Works in technology and finance after earning a Masters in IT from Carnegie Mellon University.
Talk to Me About:  Relationships (this one is my specialty), psychology, philosophy, technology, music (DJing, guitar, drums, bass)

Tony, Co-Founder

Most Interesting FreeConvo: Ahh so many to pick from! How about when I went under hypnosis from a hypnotist, got my unofficial invite to Chile from the President of Chile, or spoke to an IBM Watson developer about quantum computing!
Life Outside of FreeConvo: IT consultant in Long Island.
Talk to Me About: Technology, business, finance, relationships and everything under the sun.

Ahmed, Director of Operations

Most Interesting FreeConvo: A 2-hour conversation with a homeless guy about everything from the Vietnam War to current affairs. After the conversation, he couldn’t believe that I actually listened to him talk for so long that he began crying.
Life Outside of FreeConvo: Founder of the Gambia Human Rights Monitor at BMCC and campaigned for the Ron Paul campaign.
Talk to Me About: Human rights, politics, and current affairs or whatever else you want.

Jennie, Director of Marketing

Most Interesting FreeConvo: I was talking to a musician who was traveling across the States. When I asked him what type of music he plays, he pulled out a small singing bowl from his backpack and encouraged me to play it. He explains the instrument here.
Life Outside of FreeConvo: Works as an advertising strategist after backpacking for 6 months across Africa and Asia.
Talk to Me About: Anything but especially hip-hop, meditation, travel, human nature.