Welcome to FreeConvo!

Connecting real people in the real world – operating in New York, London, San Francisco and Los Angeles


FreeConvo continues to grow its presence in London, drawing crowds on Brick Lane

new york post


Tony, Mike, Jennie and Zoya are interviewed by the New York Post. One thing we learned from this mini-adventure – photographers take A LOT of photos before picking one for the paper.  Thank you to all the people who have shared the story and all the positive feedback we have received!


FreeConvo is pleased to welcome our new friends in San Francisco who are starting a chapter. San Francisco is the 2nd most walkable city in the United States and the 7th most cultural. We hung out at the Embarcadero, the corner of Columbus & Broadway and Mission Dolores park.   Say hello to our new counterparts Paulina, Queenie, Kelvin and Monica when you see them!



FreeConvo makes its debut in Los Angeles and visits Hollywood, Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier.  We are excited to hand off operations to our Kirill our local counterpart.



FreeConvo is featured in a story showing on Forbes.com. The reporter saw us when we were set up near Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.  The article discusses the many projects that have sprung up to help people connect, FreeConvo being one of them.  We are honored to be featured on such a large scale news outlet.

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